Welcome to Professional Skill Sciences Council Lahore

PSSC is a Professional organization. In addition to its accreditation with various top ranked organizations, colleges / universities abroad to excel distance learning on fast track, online, competency based and regular education for life experienced, matured and on-job professionals.

PSSC operates on Public-Private Partnership. Private Sector Businessmen have created the success story of the PSSC. PSSC is engaged to identify, develop and arrange Vocational, Technical, Professional, Computer Training (IT), Medical Programs. Training Programs are flexible, demand driven and cost effective with maximum participation from the Employers. PSSC, Lahore also offers tailor-made courses, according to the customers needs. It conducts Training Needs Assessment Surveys and schedules its training programs accordingly.

Competitive Fee

Our fees are highly competitive in the pakistan market to let everyone to get education from distance.

Quality Education

We are at PSSC are committed to provide quality education so we hired highly professional teachers.


We are pushing professionals of every field to next step with the help of our advance courses.


What is Distance Learning

A method of studying in which lectures are broadcast or classes are conducted by correspondence or over the Internet, without the student's needing to attend a school or college. Also called distance education. "Professional Skill Sciences Council" made distance learning much easy for everyone you could get in contact with any member of us or you could get admission in our regular classes to get advance education in your field at competitive low fees in Pakistan.

Our Message

We at PSSC are struggling hard to provide high quality education to local and international students and professional to help them in their professional careers. We are offering very low fees for all basic and professional courses.

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